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Most marketing consultants and Vendors will sell you on buzzwords such as digital transformation and mobile-first—few go through the effort of providing a high-level analysis as well as a granular one. Yet just as your customers expect personalization from your brand, you should expect the same care and attention from the consultants you hire.

Let’s Fix That

At Growth Dynamix, we take a different approach to customer audits. By conducting a 360-degree analysis of the customer journey, we surface concrete opportunities and solutions that other consultants may miss. And our user-centric audits deliver actionable advice that your marketing team can implement right away.

For example, we’ve found that most brands can benefit from immediate feedback on messaging solution strategies, including:

  • Rich push notifications
  • In-app engagement
  • Coordinated cross-channel campaigns

Despite the fact that these three marketing levers seem pretty basic, you’d be surprised by how many tech-savvy brands fail to invest in one or more of these messaging strategies. Want proof? Then let’s take a look at the lingerie brand Adore Me. We’ll zero in on how cross-channel campaigns could improve its user experience and boost engagement.

Adore Me and the Benefits of Cross-Channel Campaigns

Adore Me brings the fitting room to customers with its Elite Box subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive a curated box that matches their style and preferences with the brand’s best-selling products.

The 90-Day Customer Audit

Given Adore Me’s focus on personalization, we conducted a 90-day engagement audit to evaluate how the brand drives relationships with its customers. To do so, Founder Marc Ioli enlisted his younger sister Lauren to create an account and log all brand communications and user actions. We split the process into three phases: web activity, mobile app testing, and conversion with an elite box.

Opportunity for Improvement

While Adore Me has some brilliant experiences such as contextual themed deals around long weekends and holidays, it misses out on numerous opportunities for outreach. And a coordinated cross-channel messaging campaign is a major one. Despite roughly 160 engagements throughout the process, there were no web push notifications or in-app engagement messages.

By creating a seamless experience across the web, mobile, and the app, Adore Me could keep customers engaged as they move across platforms. This would solve the brand’s problem with going long periods of time with no customer engagement activity—without annoying users.

Why Cross-Channel Messaging Is Essential

So, you may be wondering why sending emails or in-app messages alone isn’t enough. It’s because cross-channel campaigns have a multiplier effect. Email alone increases engagement by 45%, but that number jumps by 315% when you combine it with in-app messages. Add in push notifications and engagement goes up by an astonishing 543%!

Dive Deeper into Customer Audits

Don’t settle for surface-level recommendations that won’t justify the cost and time of working with a consulting partner. At Growth Dynamix, we go well beyond cross-channel campaigns in our customer audits to provide our clients with a complete picture of where they can improve.

Want to see one from start to finish yourself? Contact Us for your Adore Me 90-Day Customer Engagement Audit today.


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